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Great... you've made it to this page and are wondering where we're located and how to get in touch with us!

Our geographical location is in the Pacific Northwest area... but that's really only a factor in our coming to do work at events. For the sound, video and web work, we have clients worldwide. And really... for the events, distance is only a factor in us getting from where we're at to where you are. If we can drive it [because we'd NEVER trust our equipment to the airlines], we can get there!

You also may (hopefully) want to get in touch with us. If this was a phone book, then a phone number would be the thing to put in here. This is the internet, though, and so E-mail is the contact method we prefer to use. If you've got your computer set up properly to handle E-mail hyperlinks, then should bring you into an E-mail already addressed to us. If that doesn't work as described on your computer, then just point to the words above and you should see the E-mail address at the bottom of your browser window. Really... we're not trying to make it hard to contact us, it's just that we don't like getting interrupted in our creative processes for solicitous messages. So drop us an E-mail on how you'd like to be contacted, and when would be a good time to do that (if you prefer phone), and we'll be in touch as quickly as possible!

Contacting Us