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It began back in the early 2000's as a sound studio to produce outstanding recordings for therapists, healers, and other holistic practitioners. A place where the exact sound necessary was created to support and convey the intention of the recording. The concept worked, and today there are many thousands of CDs out in the world bearing the Sound Mind & Body logo!

Times change, though, and today it's no longer enough to produce great CDs. As the desires of our clients have become more sophisticated, Sound Mind & Body has expanded its services as well, and today some of the things we're doing are:

Web Sites
Whether it's for a single person business just starting out, or an established corporation, a web site that WORKS is no longer a luxury -- it's essential. At a time when web developers are trading in uniqueness in favor of productivity, we're still listening to who the client IS, and what their GOALS are, and then creating a web presence that reflects, resonates, and works.

Some of the sites we've designed, maintain, or in some way are a part of:










Watch our informative video answering questions people frequently ask about web sites:

With the huge advances in bandwidth, compression, cameras and broadcast technology, event organizers are tapping into a worldwide audience. This is a TOTAL win-win, because the events reach more people (and allows people to participate who don't have the ability to travel, be away for extended periods, or have funds for hotels and transportation), saves those people money yet brings in more event money, and increases exposure! Quality webcasts don't just happen by someone holding up a smartphone -- they need proper audio support above all (because even if the picture isn't exactly hi-def, hearing the words and/or music is critical to a good experience. Sound Mind & Body has the expertise, the equipment, and personel to make sure your "virtual attendees" have the best experience, while keeping your broadcast expenses to a minimum.

Video Editing and Production
Youtube has revolutionized video on the internet and made it possible for most everyone with a reasonably high speed connection to upload videos -- the vast majority of which are just as bad as the super-8 home movies shot in the 60's! If you're any sort of "professional," your videos should be equally professional -- which includies having good sound, lighting, camera angles, and overall editing to produce a great experience for the viewer. Let Sound Mind & Body create a video you'll be prioud to have showcasing you, your products, or services!

Sound STILL Comes First
We started with quality sound, and sound still comes first! Sound Mind & Body has a collection of some of the finest sound gear ever produced -- and we know how to make it best use of it! From rare analog synthesizers of the 1970's to the new digital processors, our talents for creating the right sound for the project are unequalled. If you're curious and want a peek at the studio and the gear, just give a click here.

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